Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Picnic Time!

We recently had a picnic table built for the farm.  There's just something about eating fried chicken and drinkin' lemonade outside at a picnic table!  We plan to get 2 or 3 more built so we can line them up and have lots of cookouts and picnics with family and friends. 

Speaking of fried chicken... We also just got a few more chickens making a total of 15 hens!  11 of them are layers but they have slacked off on the laying since we moved them in together.  Hopefully they'll pick back up soon.  Today we only got 3 eggs!  Before we put them together they were all laying every day!  The other 4 are the ones we hatched and they should start laying in September.  Mr. Farmer is getting ready to build a temporary enclosure at the farm for them because it's just too much to have in town.  We'll probably keep our original 5 here until we get a more permanent set up out at the farm. 

We are a few steps closer to putting the house on the market, too.  Flooring in the kitchen is the current project.  :) 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The MFSF Logo

We have a logo!  Thank you to my very artistic and talented cousin, Taylor, for helping us out with this!  I should also say thank you to my friend, Angie, for helping us find the name! 

Monday, June 3, 2013

The Scratch

Scratch is a term coined by people literally scratching a line in the dirt as the STARTING point in races. It later spread to other types of sporting events like boxing and golf. After that, it came to mean "nothing" in phrases like "He came to America and started from scratch." Once premade mixes came along, people started using the term when referring to preparing food from basic pantry items instead of premade mixes... You make it from scratch. 

SOOOOOOO.....  With God's blessing 2 people came together (the scratch!), lived in an apartment in the city then moved to a small town, started a family, and started praying for that right piece of land... and now we have this raw piece of land that we are going to make into a farm.... Made From Scratch Farm to be exact! 

For now, the farm is in one location and the rest of us... a great dane, 9 chickens, 4 wild boys, a husband and wife... we are in town with a little yard.  We are gathering eggs, playing baseball, homeschooling, working, living life, cooking from scratch, and dreaming of our future on the farm!  We want to raise more chickens (who just so happen to scratch the earth haha!), raise cows, turkey, and produce.  Our plan is to raise sustainable, healthy food for our family.  It's coming!  Coming soon! 

In the meantime, I'll keep you updated on that process here!