Pastured Eggs


Farm fresh, hand gathered brown eggs are available!
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At Made From Scratch Farm we pride ourselves in producing the finest egg possible. That means pasture-raised hens that are supplemented with a quality non-soy, non-GMO, non-medicated feed that is produced here in Texas!

We use old-fashioned breeds that are hardy and produce well on a natural diet. We focus on utilizing rotational management and “buffet-style” mineral supplementation.  Allowing our girls to be outside all the time means they live a natural existence and enjoy their lives. Their days include plenty of fresh air, sunshine, and fun, while foraging in plenty of space on native grasses and insects. This translates into an egg that is high in nutrients and rich in color and taste.

Our pasture, hens, and feed are all natural. This ensures no antibiotics, herbicides, pesticides or added hormones ever come into contact with our land, animals, or the eggs they produce.

A truly pasture-raised egg is superior in taste, texture, appearance, and nutritional content. It also means we're responsible stewards of our environment, and humanely treating the animals who produce such a great product for our consumption.

We invite our clients and friends to visit us by appointment on our farm to see how their food is raised.  Come by, bring the kids, and gather your own eggs!  To schedule a time to visit or pick up eggs, call 903-571-1018 or email

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