Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Cows and Pastured Poultry!

This week we will be picking up our new cows!  We are SO excited.  The weather (rain, rain, and more rain) has kept us from picking them up sooner because we could not get the new fencing finished.  But, as of yesterday, we are done!  The rain has been wonderful.  I'm not gonna lie, I was complaining... but really, we will be in a drought and complaining about the heat in another couple of months so I had to reset my attitude to one of GRATITUDE!  Our pastures are growing like crazy and super green.  Our 2 steers are getting PLENTY to eat.  They are fattening up nicely.  One will be going to the sale barn soon and the other to the processor.  We are really looking forward to having our first ever grass fed beef.  Oh, back to the new cows.  We are picking up two Angus - a cow that is probably pregnant (we have to do some checking...) and her 6 month old heifer.  They are coming from a special family and will become permanent members of our farm family.  The momma is Cherokee Rose and the heifer is Bluebell.  Cute right?  Don't worry, I'll post pics when they get here! 

Other exciting news.  We ordered broilers today.  120 more broilers.  More because we have 25 arriving next week.  Do we have a plucker yet?  No.  Someone needs to get on the ball!  Regardless if we are hand plucking or machine plucking, we will have broilers available for purchase around the first week of June.   These will be raised on pasture and supplemented with a soy free, non-gmo, unmedicated feed.  They are first come, first served, so make your reservations now!  For more info and to make reservations, Click Here

Friday, March 6, 2015

Random thoughts by Kassy

What a couple of weeks we've had!  This Texas weather.... it has been something else.  A couple of days of snow is FUN but when it's rainy and cold and gray day in and day out, we get serious cabin fever!  We have done a bare minimum of outdoor chores to keep the animals happy and healthy.  We are ready for some real outdoor work...starting Saturday with the beginning of our newest project:  A barnyard/corral area.  We will be bringing home our 2 cows soon, a momma and her heifer.  (names coming soon!)
With the abundance of indoor time, we have had plenty of time to think, pray, and do a little planning.  This journey we have decided to embark on can be a little overwhelming, a little scary, a lot exciting.  Those little signs we get that confirm we are staying in God's will are always a relief. 

It feels like we've experienced many losses in the last few years, especially in the last few months.  Last week, we had to say "See you later!" to a dear friend and Christian pillar in our community.  A great loss we were all hoping wouldn't come so soon.  But we rejoice that he is flying on wings as eagles... running, walking.  And we rejoice knowing that we will see him again!

We are looking forward to spring.  To new life. To growth. To flowers. To greenery.  Spring is so refreshing!  Spring chicks. Spring gardens.  What's not to love?  Oh... the springing forward in time this weekend.  That's the only thing I can think of. Ha! ;)

P.S.  See the new tabs above for info on eggs and poultry.