Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Just Another Update

Little meat chicks

Our little meat chicks are growing and learning to stay out of the rain!  It rained yesterday and today without a repeat of last weeks hypothermic chick episode.  (14 nearly died but me, my blow dryer, and 2 hours saved all but 3 of them).

Here you can see the trail the meat pen is making as we move it everyday.

Our layers are doing well and giving us lots of eggs in return for the fresh pasture they get moved to every third day.  We finally got a good system going with all the rotational grazing for them and the cows using poultry netting.  Except for the few rogue hens that fly out every day despite the wing clipping we've done....

Cloudy sky over the egg-mobile today.
See that ONE strand of electric line....
To my amazement, the cows have learned to stay away from a single strand of hot wire.   In the past, they were busting through three strands to get to the egg-mobile.  Bobby V is gone now so I am guessing that he, the ornery holstein, was the instigator there.  Mr. T is still with us and fattening up quite a bit.  We should have him processed in a couple of months. I am looking forward to that grass fed steak! Cherokee Rose still hasn't had a cycle that we have noticed so we are hopeful that she is in fact pregnant.  She is looking so much better now that she is separated from sweet Bluebell and getting plenty of grass and sunshine.

Mr T posing with some wild flowers.

Cherokee Rose

Bluebell is making some progress on the rope halter but has a ways to go.  She is more than happy to come to us and "let us" catch her as long as we have a handful of sweet feed.  I hope she will let us without that eventually!


I guess that's about it for now... we are looking forward to seeing our customers and friends when they come out to pick up their chickens in a few weeks.  Oh!  And we are getting a few new chicks in the next week. ... So I'll be back for an update soon!