Wednesday, September 17, 2014

We're Home!

So the past 10 months we have not had internet so I have not been able to keep things up to date here.  Now, we finally have internet... why?  Because we have FINALLY moved to our new home ON THE FARM!  To say we are happy or excited is an understatement! 

We moved in last Friday/Saturday and by moved in, I mean we stacked all our belongings in the garage.  We are slowly unpacking and it feels like the boxes are multiplying.  I may just quit and put a garage sale sign by the road....

In addition to the big move, we have had some chicken excitement here.  We bought a new to us Joel Salatin-style egg-mobile plus 120 little chicks to put in it.  They are hanging out in their brooder for a while longer before moving in the egg-mobile. We are looking forward to having pastured eggs for our family and customers in a few more months and possibly pastured poultry. 

We also have an angus/charlois cross that we are raising for our family to have grass-fed beef.  He has turned out to be a sweet little bull... I have to keep reminding myself that he is food!  Here he is with one of his future little sale-barn friends after they snuck out of their paddock and found their way to the back yard.  Sneaky!