Thursday, February 5, 2015

It's Almost Time!

This cold, drizzly morning.

Ya'll it won't be long until we have eggs!  I can hardly wait!  This journey has definitely been a lesson in patience.  We have had days were we thought, "It would save us a a lot of money and time if we just put all these chickens in the freezer." They go through a lot of feed even though they are pastured.  It's winter so there aren't near as many bugs or as much plant life. 

But, it's almost time.  They should be laying in the next month and spring is just around the corner.  Fresh pastured eggs just in time for farmer's market season.  We are so excited!  Once we get all the details ironed out, I'll post your options for purchasing eggs. 

It's also almost time for our next poultry order.  We plan to start our meat birds as soon as we can get our plucker together. 

In other news....

Our son Henry used his own money to purchase rabbits. He is now the proud owner of a 7 week old lionhead buck and a 4 week old doe.  Don't worry, these are not for eating. :)  They are way too cute and fluffy.  He is considering his options.  He has some research to do but he is thinking of using them for fiber (spinning wool) or breeding for show.  Either way we are proud of this little entrepreneur.  His big brother, Nelson, has made a deal with him to tend to their water every day to earn one of the kits from their first litter. 

Isn't he cute!!

Last of all, we have plans for two new cows at the farm!  A pair from a friend.  We are super excited to have them here because they will be forever friends.... not for the freezer!  It's a momma and her little heifer so we plan to breed them to get our meat.  These boys of ours eat a lot!  We our halving Mr. T with another family and are already second guessing that decision because we can see now that the meat is not going to last us long enough for us to have another ready to butcher.  (It was a good financial decision though for our first time raising a cow!) Just since November we've eaten a pig and a deer... I think we have a couple packages of breakfast sausage and one package of burger left.  Yikes!  But... that is one of many reasons we decided to farm.  To feed our family!  

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